Before I Begin

Maybe I need a coffee table to complete my living room. Writing about seemingly unimportant things is my way of skirting around the issue.  I kept saying that I was going to start a blog, but I am a highly private person.  So, the question has  become: how does one go about writing a blog that is meaningful, yet not too personal?


One thought on “Before I Begin

  1. sarahkift says:

    In the age of over-sharing, all you have to share is what you feel comfortable doing. I always find it helpful to think of the following: is this something I want to read about myself next week? Next month? Next year? And then I picture all the people I know, and think about whether I want them reading it, too. It also helps to have a subject to talk about…that way you can share your experience on the subject as a way for others to share their own, or feel like they can also be honest on the topic. Looks good already!!!

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