Balance: a Visit with the Naturopath

nature2It has been over ten years since I last saw a naturopathic doctor.  After getting mastitis more times than I would like to admit, due to lack of sleep and some stressful circumstances in my life, I needed to address the roots problems and not the symptoms.  I will not go into the details about my visit, although I will say I found my appointment rather encouraging as my doctor is a mother too.

After my appointment with the naturopath, little M and I went to the health food store where I bought some vitamins for me and a hazel wood necklace for him.  The last couple of days, people have been commenting on his rosy cheeks and how he must be teething.   If this is round three, then I might as well try a hazel wood necklace in addition to the amber necklace he already wears.  I do think that the amber has helped to some degree, and most likely the hazel wood will too.

Now, here I am going on about teething when all I meant to do was write a little about my visit to the naturopath. When I think about it though, a mother’s health is often altered by sleepless nights caused by teething, amongst other things.  This is part of what it means to be a mother, however it is vital to take time for one’s self even if it is just one hour, a few times a week. Taking time for me means leaving my to do list at home, and enjoying something as simple as a cappuccino in a cafe or a picturesque run, sans baby.  I am now beginning to understand the value of this.  My visit to the naturopath is part of my quest in restoring balance to my life as a mother.

On that note, bonne nuit!


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