Everyday Babywearing

evening stroll2As a mother, especially as a single mother, babywearing has been invaluable to me.  In the not too distant past, when little M was getting his first few teeth (also known as round one of teething), there were many days where I found myself sleep deprived and behind on my household duties. Most mornings during this time, I would put little M on my back and make a batch of Anita’s Ancient Grain pancakes for breakfast.  There on my back, little M found comfort and finally some sleep.   Some days, I would add bananas to the pancake batter, while other days bananas and semi-sweet chocolate chips, but mostly I made blueberry pancakes.    pancakes2Babywearing has allowed me to take care of my son, while at the same time tending to my own needs especially during the first few months.

jersyknit2Babywearing for me is part of my everyday, not just for the occasional or demanding days. Whether grocery shopping, doing errands or travelling on an airplane, using a wrap or soft structured carrier just makes things easier.  This means when I am out and about, I can climb stairs rather than search for an elevator and I can navigate crowded spaces with ease while having little M safely on my back.

summer walk2

While I do own a jogging stroller, I use it only for jogging…and sometimes to carry my groceries in.  Truthfully, I just find strollers to be cumbersome.  book2

My woven wraps and my Ergo carrier have been more than a way to carry or transport my son; they have acted as an extra set of hands, especially when the nights have been long (due to illness or teething).  Motherhood is not always easy, but having having the right [babywearing] skills can certainly make a positive difference.hip carry2


2 thoughts on “Everyday Babywearing

  1. Melissa Naiad says:

    I babywear everyday too. My daughter is 18 months old now, and I still wear her for our daily walks, doing the laundry in the basement, and even sometimes while cooking when she just wants to be held. It’s just become a natural part of life for us–and something that we both love.

    I’m happy that I just found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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