Motherhood and Creativity

watercolour2This past summer I started working on a couple of oil paintings, mostly during little M’s nap time.  I painted outdoors, devoting an hour here and an hour there.  The work progressed slowly to say the least. Then for a time, between moving apartments, and building a website, and of course taking care of little M, the paintings sat for a month, then more.  Now these paintings sit in storage.

I have come to the realization that a proper studio is imperative especially with a busy toddler. Oil painting is too labour intensive for this phase in my life, as it requires more time and energy than I presently have.  Although I have many other creative interests, there is a meditative aspect of painting that I miss.

It recently occurred to me that my water colour paints might be a good fit for this time in my life.  Unlike oil paints, water colours are easily cleaned up and require only a small work space. With this in mind, I excitedly rummaged through my art tool box, past the oil paints, where I found my neglected water colour supplies.  Once everything was assembled at the kitchen table, I sat down and began to draw and paint sketches about motherhood.

Most evenings now, after little M is asleep in bed, I make myself a cup of herbal tea, take out my water colours and spend a couple hours immersed in my art work.   I truly believe that it is important for mothers to find a creative activity which nurtures their soul.  For me, drawing with pen and ink and painting with water colours is a calming and meditative way to relax after a busy day.  A wonderful way to nurture my creativity and my soul!

*Please note that the above artwork is my own work.  All artwork and photography shown on my blog is my own work, unless otherwise noted.


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