Double Hammock Back Carry

double hammock1The Double Hammock back carry is truly a revelation! Why did I not try this carry before  sooner?  Truthfully, I thought it looked a bit intimidating, and told myself I would try it eventually. After watching this video by Rose of Carry them, it suddenly occurred to me that this may be the perfect carry for me and little M.  Sure enough it was.  I tied it correctly on my first attempt (this never happens when I learn a new carry) and found it to be the MOST comfortable and secure carry to date for me and my little guy.  Somehow, it distributes the weight more evenly than the Secured High back carry or Reinforced Ruck that I had been doing before.  Finally, the perfect back carry for us!

If you babywear, what carry works the best for you?


2 thoughts on “Double Hammock Back Carry

  1. lightgreenmom says:

    I have been rocking the rucksack carry…I was intimidated by the DH but just like you just recently decided to try it out. I really liked it, but I’m still slightly in love with my ruck tied tibetian. However the DH certainly shows of a pretty woven pattern;)

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