Visiting with Family: Part Two

pear pie2A while back, I wrote about my day in the countryside whilst visiting with family.  You can read about it here.  Today little M and I spent the afternoon there.  After a simple lunch of a black-bean chili served over quinoa, we had a most delicious pear pie for dessert.  The pears were gleaned from a nearby tree and every ingredient in this pie was organic.  This pie was in fact made by my twelve year old niece!  I spent most of my time talking my sister’s ear off about some exciting new developments in my aspirations as a doula.  All the while, little M played happily with his many cousins.  Life in the countryside is good.  Oh, and the chicken pictured below is a newly adopted stray.  She has been kindly welcomed into the brood by the other hens, and watchful rooster.



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