Autumn Leaf

leavesIt is the first day of Autumn.  Before summer came to an end, I began to think about simplifying my life in order to focus fully on my priorities.  Before making this decision to simplify, I found myself waffling and questioning some of the things which I was focusing on.  My heart felt unsettled.  My decision to simplify means letting go of my aspirations of being a doula.  I must focus on my little family (little M and I) wholeheartedly.  It is time to put away things that interfere with moving forward and making my family strong.  My full attention must be on myself and my little one as we move into a new season and chapter.

Simplifying means doing things that are relevant to where we are right now.  This means reading books about Montessori teaching methods.  It means being prepared for work by brushing up on notes ahead of time.  It means having everything ready and prepped for little M’s upcoming daycare.  Meals planned ahead, etc. It means being realistic and disciplined.

My love of all things birth must be put aside while I focus on what is important now.

What does “letting go” look like for you this Autumn?


4 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf

  1. Gaby says:

    i’m letting go of my expectations of having a perfectly clean and organised house 😉

    p.s. bogota and even better, cartagena, are really great places. you should go!

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