Weekly Inspiration

Last week, I enjoyed sharing a few snippets of my weekly inspiration.  Here are some of the things that are currently inspiring me this week:

It seems, I am thinking a lot about food these days.  Much of this has to do with the approaching shift in seasons.  Fresh, healthy, green food has been on my mind, a great deal.

I was feeling particularly inspired by the raw brownie recipe (I know not green, but stay with me) that I had made last week.  My [re-kindled] interest in raw food, led me to rediscover Sarah Brittons’s blog entitled My New Roots.   Her recipes are truly inspiring!   Her love of food, and approach to healthy, simple, great tasting recipes is very much in line with my philosophy around food.   To me, good cooking is healthy, and vice versa.

I am looking forward to making Sarah Britton’s butternut squash lasagna.  I adore that she uses celery root (also known a celeriac) as a noodle in this dish.

On another food note, I plan on making another raw brownie recipe.  I have decided that raw brownies are the perfect, most healthy way to satisfy my chocolate cravings!

And that is just a little of what is inspiring me this week.  What about you?


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