That Last Teething Tooth

healing hollowI have written a lot it seems, about teething.  Every baby or toddler differs in how teething affects them.  The only teething remedy that has really worked for little M is The Healing Hollow’s “Tooth Fairy Tea” for teething and toothache.  I found these essential oil blends though Crystal Di Domizio, she is  also known as the prenatal coach.  Crystal is a birth doula, hypnobabies childbirth educator and now mother.   After reading about her experience with her own daughter’s teething (it sounded similar to little M’s), I knew I needed to give The Healing Hollow a try.  Let me tell you, these essential oil blends work!  One of the ingredients is clove oil, which has been used for centuries to treat tooth ache and pain.

In my repertoire of teething remedies, I rely mostly on The Healing Hollow’s Toothfairy Tea, which is simply rubbed on the jaw line and ear lobes.  If little M seems to be more bothered by the pain of his teething, I will use Hyland’s teething gel, in addition to the Toothfairy Tea.  When he seems to have more difficulty sleeping, then I add a bit of the Healing Hollow’s “Rest Assured.”teeting remedy2

Quite honestly the difference has been dramatic.  He is able to sleep for longer periods and is less fussy.  In short, if you are looking for a natural alternative to pain medication for teething, then I highly recommend ordering a batch through their online shop, which by the way is located in Fernie, British Columbia.  You can order just the “Toothfairy Tea” or the “Pain Free Baby” pack Which is what I have and really love.  If you live in the Vancouver area, you can also order through Crystal (Prenatal Coach), as this will give you the option of picking it up in person.

I no longer dread teething.  When I see little M showing signs of teething, I know that the remedy I am using is both safe and effective.  No more guesswork.  So, to the new parents who are wondering what they might use or the seasoned parents in search of a good remedy that actually works, I recommend giving The Healing Hollow a try.


Homemade Deodorant

 I  recently made my very own deodorant, I found the recipe via oh dear drea (a wonderful, honest blog from the point of view of a single mother). In order to not bore you with the how to’s, beyond which essential oil I used in the recipe (I used tea tree oil and lavender), you can find the recipe here.  I will say this however, I have tried plenty of natural, aluminum free deodorants over the years, and have found many of them to be rather disappointing.  Having to re-apply my deodorant multiple times throughout the day is both a waste of my time and money.   So far, this deodorant has not let me down and it took me under five minutes to mix the ingredients together.  A very good use of my time and energy, I think!