observe2It occurred to me today that I have plethora of photos collecting in my photo library.  At some point I will have to select a few of my favourite photos for printing and framing.  In a digital age, there is something really lovely about having photos in printed form.  The same goes for books too.   Happy Week-end!


new view




Photography need not be perfect, rather it is the imperfections which oftentimes make the photo.  Sometimes, it is a moment, an accidental blur or an uncanny gesture.  Sometimes it helps to ask “What am I trying to convey or say?” while other times one simply takes a photo intuitively.   As of late, I take or make photos because I enjoy it, but I need to push my craft again.  I need to allow for “mistakes” in my work, break out of the safe confines that I have been working in, I need to trust the process.  In essence, I need to “shake things up.”chair2



A Short Repose

Glimpses of baby M quietly at play in the morning light act as a meditation as I sip on my coffee and prepare for a busy day ahead. These still moments never last very long, just long enough for me to reflect on how big baby M is getting and what a blessing he is and how thankful I am despite whether I have had a restful sleep or not (baby M is getting his molars, but I did manage to sleep for a bit during his afternoon nap).

Then he is off to explore another corner of the room, to investigate a crumb that somehow escaped my broom while I was sweeping or a wheel on one of his toy trucks, never still for very long, much like life itself.

Happy week-end!

Planting Acorns

As some of my closer family and friends know, I have decided to start a business* for my freelance photography and art work.  I will be specializing in maternity, newborn/baby and family photography. I have been busy putting together a website and learning much in the process. I am excited about this new venture in my life but also a bit nervous. With that said, I strongly believe that one must at least try, and the timing for this seems right.

In life, sometimes things can seem daunting or even impossible, but I have learnt that it is imperative to at least begin somewhere as long as one has an idea and an outlined plan.  I usually begin by visualizing what it is I wish to accomplish. Then I make a list of steps I need to do in order to accomplish my plan, and then chip away at my list. The details and setbacks themselves get worked out along the way but the reality is, getting from A to B requires fortitude and patience.  I have also learnt that flexibility is important as sometimes plans change or we ourselves change.

Having made this website, I find myself somewhat reflective, wondering about what lies ahead and some of the many “hows” that are still left to be worked out. Life is a journey, where we are constantly evolving and learning many lessons along the way. All these lessons and life experiences, including a very expensive degree for myself, have brought me to where I am today; starting my very own business. So, as I launch my little website and business into an already saturated world of [baby] photography, I take a deep breath and remind myself that it will all work out. It may not be the way I imagine it should be, but rather how it is meant to be.  I think putting myself out there is a very good start, for now.

*If you are interested to see what I have been hard at work on, you can go here.

Walking in the Rain

These days I mostly wear baby M on my back but sometimes a front carry is required, particularly if it is a dreary day.  So, with my bright Didymos wrap, and the pitter-patter of rain on our umbrella, off we went for a little walk. Sometimes a bit of fresh air and stroll through a quiet neighbourhood, is enough to put a smile on both of our faces.

And speaking of wraps, I am in the midst of writing a post about my experience so far with babywearing.

Au revoir!