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Today, baby M and I went downtown to the Remembrance day ceremony.  I bundled him and myself up as it was fairly chilly outside and carried him in the Ergo.  We were of course late. As we approached the site of the ceremony a young cadet offered me a program while another cadet suggested I wear a poppy sticker instead of the traditional poppy pin because I was carrying a baby, how thoughtful!

We stood as long as we could before baby M grew tired of being in one spot, and let his displeasure be known in the form of loud shrieking.  These days he would rather crawl or walk than be carried. With his displeasure known, we headed back home for some nursing for him and some lunch in the form of a cinnamon bun for me.  Even though we missed the beginning and the end of the ceremony, simply being there was the least I could do on this particular Remembrance day.