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Visiting with Family: Part One

morning coffee2It was off to the countryside yesterday or should I say farmland.  My sister resides there with her family where they homeschool/unschool. Since my sister was taking her four eldest on a field trip, she had asked my mother or grandma and me to take care of the two youngest (yes, you counted right, she has six children).  Little M was in his element and the three youngest cousins got along famously.  Somewhere between the mundane tasks, I managed to enjoy a cup of coffee from one of my old mugs and relax.   I also collected the eggs and saw a couple of deer quietly grazing on the side of the mountain.  There is something I like immensely about the countryside, and while I know I am a city girl at heart, I could imagine myself being very content in this idyllic space nestled far from the roaring city.rooster2